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I am a worship leader based in Cincinnati, Ohio and I love to travel doing what I love: helping others actively engage in worship. Whether this is for church events, conferences, or student camps, my desire is to see lives changed as people encounter the presence of God in worship. I love having the opportunity to build relationships and share my love for Jesus with others through praising and glorifying His name. My goal in life is to continue writing songs for the Church, songs declaring the truth about God's goodness while simultaneously magnifying His glory. I write songs that are inspired by scripture and my personal relationship with Christ. I also love getting to carry out my life's purpose and serve the body of Christ with a community of musicians and worship leaders across the country that are also some of my best friends. Getting to collaborate with a variety of individuals who are passionate about worshipping the Lord is awesome. I would love to partner with you. If you have an opportunity or need a worship leader, please contact me.

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