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I'm a worship leader based out of southwest Ohio, with a passion for leading and sharing in worship experiences wherever it takes me. Whether it's igniting hearts during church gatherings, inspiring souls at conferences, or uplifting spirits at student camps, my mission is to witness the transformative power of encountering God through worship.

I'm married to my wife, Bekah, and together we have two sons. Being a husband and dad are the two greatest joys of my life. In addition to spending my time with my family, I love watching Cardinals baseball and the Bengals. I'm a little obsessed with Star Wars, and photography is my go-to hobby. People are often shocked to learn that cows are my favorite animals, and that it's one of my goals in life to eventually own a small farm where I can have several cows.

I'm passionate about leading people into genuine worship. There is something powerful that happens when a room full of people surrender and worship together. Over the last 15 years leading worship, I have been blessed to lead worship in several different contexts. I've led in small churches, mega churches, auditoriums, and barns, and what is amazing is that despite the different contexts, God is the same and worthy of worship in each.

I would love to partner with you at your event. My band and I love to lead nights of worship, conferences, and student events. Shoot me a message and we will set it up!

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